… Sir… Sir…? Sir….?


Good shit.







  1. Daniels looked like it was 50/50 that Burrell would whack that putter upside his head.

  2. Honestly, I was at least 40/60 myself when I watched that scene. “He can’t possibly…” but the tension was there. And the symbolic threat is still there. “I have a file that will split your skull in half, you insubordinate little fuck.”

    I don’t think Burrell is done with Daniels.

    I wonder if he noticed that the councilwoman left with his file. She made a big show of throwing it back on his desk, but when she left, it was magically back under her arm again.

  3. Frankie Faison’s speech always sounds very over-mannered for me, but in this scene with no dialogue he was very convincingly menacing, like …. yeah, he was just that pissed off that he might lose it.

  4. I kept waiting for him to swing the club like Marlo in season 3, telling Bodie’s crew to vacate the block.

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