#2 Weekend Lake Trout Special: Open Thread

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We’ll be doing an open thread like this every Friday so readers, commenters, and posters alike can discuss anything they feel like in the comments below: news, favorite quotes or shots, speculation, something critical we haven’t discussed yet in the posts.


Preferably Wire-related but if you feel the need to order something that’s not on the menu, knock yourself out.


Lurkers are especially encouraged to out themselves if only this one time.





Spoilers are allowed, but follow the rules




  1. I guess I’m a lurker — in that I’ve not added anything to this site as yet, but I’m reading everything and following the posted links. I really enjoyed the Fresh Air interviews.

    From my perspective, the first episodes moved too slow: the 50 minutes was gone in a flash. I wish they were 2-hour episodes! I expect that the pace will pick up: there is a great deal to cram into the remaining sessions.

    The Wire has been, by far, my favorite show the past several years. I missed The Corner but loved Homicide. There is a show out of Vancouver that I’ve seen in the past that I really liked: anyone here watch DiVinci’s Inquest?

  2. Hey Ward, thanks for dropping the shields.

    I need to listen to those interviews, I keep seeing them mentioned on other forums as well (yes, I do read other Wire forums, I’m a total slut)

    I guess we differ on our impression of the eps. All three have passed my “suspended time” test, meaning that I am not aware of the length, just surprised when it’s over. That, for me, is a good sign.

    I did feel like this last episode there was a lot of setting up for new business. The second episode had 40 separate scenes, this one had 59, many of them quite short

    I’ve seen DaVinci’s Inquest once, it didn’t hold my interest. I saw a mention of it somewhere (probaly TWOP) by a Canadian viewer who said there was a oft-heard joke in the Canadian entertainment press that virtually every Canadian television actor has showed up on DaVinci’s Inquest at one time or another.

    As mentioned, I share your love of Homicide. The repeats are holding up really well, not as dated as I would have thought.

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  4. I think they meant “statuesque”, in reference to the smoking area jokes. Although as far as Laura being a hot blonde goes, I’d definitely hit it…if I didn’t think Simon would have Felicia bust a cap in my overgrown white ass.

  5. USPS just arrived with my book copies of “The Corner” and “Homicide”. Finally! If I can just finish plowing through Bourdain’s tedious “Nasty Bits” I’ll have some real shit to read when the parades get cancelled this weekend.

  6. I got Homicide a while back, got started but then haven’t picked it back up.

    Bourdain is tedious on the page?

  7. “Kitchen Confidential” was brilliant. “Nasty Bits” is just a collection of random previously-published articles, and taken all at once it’s just mind-numbing. Bourdain is best in small doses, I guess, but if I put it down, I’ll never get back to it.

    Plus his short piece on New Orleans was clearly written well before the storm…a bunch of the places he talks about don’t even exist any more. I’d like to hear what he has to say these days.

  8. You’ve read his posts over on ruhlman.com, I take it?

    It’s a good blog even without Bourdain

  9. Apologies if this appears twice; I tried to send it earlier.

    Anyway, good time to unlurk, as I was going to post this item that appeared in today’s Bmore Sun:



    Felicia Pearson did time for murder, then went on to play a hitman named “Snoop” on The Wire. Now she finds herself caught up in another real-life killing – this time as a witness.

    Authorities say she watched Steven James Lashley stab three men, killing one, after an argument that began outside New York Fried Chicken on The Block in the fall of 2005.

    “I’m planning on calling her as a witness for the prosecution,” Assistant State’s Attorney Twila Driggins told The Sun’s Melissa Harris this week, as the case was postponed. “I expect her to be able to identify the stabber, give details of the fight prior to the stabbing and the murder itself.”

    Linked at the same page was also this, a short bit of storytelling from Ms. Pearson:

    And there’s this one, too, longer, from David Simon at the same site, on his motivation for The Wire, and much more:

  10. Oh snabby, thanks for that storyteller link! I’d seen a couple references to that piece of Simon’s and it was great to hear it. Also, Fellicia’s was pretty great too- love how she says she’s nervous -at the very end of her story.

    The Simon piece is the perfect answer for all the simplistic assholes who are finger pointing at him – unfortunately, they will only get as far as him admitting he did in fact have a grudge against Marimow and Carroll and they’ll say, “See, we were right.” But the way he gets across the function the grudge played creatively, and how he cops to the way his anger has fueled him his whole life, but not at the personal hatred level is great. Because everyone is like that whether they admit or not.

    I have a weakness for people who can simultaneously be total assholes AND genuinely self-deprecating. I think they tend to appreciate the human condition to a fuller extent than other people who are primarily worried about what others think of them.

  11. Damn, Ray…you could have just borrowed my copies of the books. First editions…unsigned, though.

    Snoop wrote her bio, and here’s an excerpt. Big differences between her and me: she was a preemie and I wasn’t; and her mom liked girl and mine liked boy. Seriously, check out the excerpt. I’m not ready to drop the cash on it yet, but I do wanna read it.

    Bourdain was in NOLA for an ep of “No Reservations”, and it will premier February 4, Lundi Gras, thus ensuring no New Orleanians will see it. Maybe TiVO and do it Wednesday.

    Ruhlman, I used to like, but after the lie that he perpetuated called “the next iron chef america”, I can’t stomach him anymore…despite the email he sent telling me it wasn’t rigged. (he lied).

    I *do* so like the storytellers link. Danke.

  12. virgotex,

    I thought the fact that he acknowledged his anger as source of his drive was fantastic, too. And I think you’re right: a lot of powerful motivation is hardly pristine in its origins.

    I also liked when he talked about Marimow having prostrate cancer, and how he hoped he would get better and live forever. The subtext was that he couldn’t hate him properly while he felt sorry for him and his family, or at least that’s the cynical read I took.

    Unrelated to this, I was able to see episode 54 this week on demand, and (no spoiler issue here) there’s a scene with Prop Joe talking on the street and across from a “New York Chicken” store. I live in Bodymore, and just happened to drive right past there the next day. I knew I had recognized the chicken place when I saw the scene, but couldn’t immediately place it. Funny thing about that shop, although you couldn’t see it in the shot: they have a bunch of neon signs advertising their food, but one of them, which again wasn’t in the shot, is misspelled: it says “Mec and Cheese.” It’s the only typo I’ve ever seen in neon.

  13. music from ep 53:

    NOTE: mystery train was the lil jr parker original

    NOTE: NOLA’s Kermit Rufins!!!!

    McNulty buys red ribbon
    Song: Up Up And Away
    Artist: The Fifth Dimension

    Greek Diner
    Song: To Tragoudi Xenitias
    Artist: Lyra

    McNulty with woman in bar
    Song: 96 Tears
    Artist: ? And The Mysterians

    Wilson & Haynes meet in bar
    Song: Away From Home
    Artist: Eddie Houston

    Greek Diner
    Song: Mi Me Pismatonis
    Artist: Markos Vamvakaris

    Scene 44 Marlo Meets with Prop Joe
    Song: Booty Body Ready
    Artist: Sterling Silver Starship

    Scene 52 McNulty and Gutierrez in coffee shop
    Song: Don’t Be Afraid
    Artist: Salim Nourillah

    Scene 55 Michael and the boys dropped off
    Song: Red Gold & Green
    Artist: Hugh Mundell

    Haynes & Twigg in bar
    Song: When I Die (You Better Second Line)
    Artist: Kermit Rufins

    Butchie’s Bar
    Song: Mystery Train
    Artist: Little Junior Parker

    Butchie’s back room
    Song: Messin With The Kid
    Artist: Junior Wells

  14. I love that Kermit selection. It’s in my will: I get a second line funeral.

  15. Here’s something I stumbled on in my humiliatingly endless Wire googling:

    It’s a blog promoting a book by a BPD cop from the Eastern District. Some good stuff in there, and Pelecanos blurbed the book.

  16. humiliatingly endless Wire googling:

    Steve, you sound like our kind of people!

  17. Heh…

    TV Critics Admit To Never Having Watched The Wire

    Gump ass motherfuckers….

  18. Did you click the link, Racy? Or are you still too tired?

    (It was in the Onion. )

    I would also, especially to Ashley, recommend the article on the same page, Blues Singer’s Woman Permitted To Tell Her Side

    “Only one man can taste my sweet potato pie, and I believe I have made it perfectly clear who that man is.” Dobbs noted that the same policy applies to her biscuits, which may be buttered only by Jackson.

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