Uncivilized thuggery



Motherfucker is evil.

Man not only has an old blind man tortured and killed but calls in not one, but two, favors from a man he’s in the process of fucking over, one of those favors actually facilitating the act of betrayal. Not that Prop Joe’s fancy footwork during last season’s heist, to say nothing of the ten thousand propositions leading up to that, hasn’t earned him some bad karma, but damn! Marlo is stone cold.

However, 53 bent over backwards to show us that Marlo is pushing the edge of his envelope. We’ve never before seen him overreaching this far, so much out of his own element that we see he’s still just a punkass chump to the guys on the next rung up. It’s too early to tell if Vondas is going to “rainmake” Marlo, but we know for sure he’s got him licking his boots.

And that’s a lovely shade of bitch to see Mr. Marlo Stanfield wearing.



Gus, Omar on NPR’s Fresh Air

Spurred by this comment to Nancy’s newest post, I dug up the recent Terry Gross interviews of Clark Johnson (Gus) on 1/21/08 and Michael K. Williams (Omar) on 1/22/08. I enjoyed them both immensely.

I might also add that these Fresh Air shows (and other NPR offerings) are available as free podcasts on iTunes.