That train thing again

When Chris and Snoop take their first shots in Butchie’s bar, “Mystery Train” (and not the Elvis version, I don’t think) is playing on the jukebox.



  1. heh,

    funny you should mention that. ask Racy “I’m all about the trains” Mind about that…

    Def not Elvis, but I can’t tell if it the original Lil Jr Parker version or not. It’s been covered a lot.

    Fitting death knell for a great character.

    I loved Butchie….

  2. Hey! I resemble that remark. It wasn’t my fault that my only connection to Baltimore was that I was riding a train through it after a march protesting a war based on a lie.

    Not Elvis, no… “Mataron a Butchie”

    The only train sound I noticed in the show is during Michael and Dukies conversation, while he talks about having to be serious and work the corner, but before Dukie mentions Six Flags. Throws my earlier theory off a little.

    and WTF Lester?! They give him the good tunes last episode so he can pop up at the end of the show… and do that?

  3. Killing Butchie showed me that Marlo has no respect for the game.

    It’s like when Stringer when after Omar on a Sunday, and ended up shooting a crown off of an old woman, who, dare I say it, WAS NOT IN THE GAME.

    Butchie was peripherally in the game. Avon, String, Prop Joe, everybody knew who he was, and that if you wanted to get in touch with Omar, he could probably arrange it. But Butchie was not a player. Butchie was fucking blind, motherfuckers.

    One of the things the show has taught us is that straddling the line of the game is dangerous. If you break the rules of the game (see: Stringer Bell), then you must pay.

    Marlo, that cold blooded motherfucker, must pay.

    And I bet David Simon takes much pleasure in watching teh people on teh internets try to figure out his motherfucking trains. To quote Clay Davis: Sheeeeeeeeiiiiiiiit.

  4. I wasn’t poking at you about the trains per se. I can out-obsess you hands down.

    Rather that you were so intent on listening for trains that you missed the song lyrics with the word “train” in them. As you yourself noted, it was funny…

    Marlo, that cold blooded motherfucker, must pay.

    fucking A

  5. I gotta disagree with the notion that Butchie was only peripherally in the game. He’s dealing drugs the first time we see him in season 2. Hell, he’s the one that made happen those hot shots in the prison.

  6. Hey, been checking out the blog from time to time, good stuff.

    Butchie was definitely in the game as Andrew mentioned above and he also profited from Omar’s stick-ups in the last couple of seasons. I mean it was painful to watch them torture the guy, but he must have known that his clock was ticking.

  7. Historically, yeah, Butchie been in the game. And I guess that’s enough for Marlo. Hell, look at what he did to Devonne, and didn’t blink an eye.

  8. […] about Butchie? There was a discussion in the comments here yesterday in response to Ashley’s original statement that Butchie was not in the game, and […]

  9. The thing about Marlo killing Butchie (and I wish I’d made the point in my post) is this:

    Yes, Butchie was if not in the game, at least game-adjacent. So, not innocent, and not surprising he’d wind up dead somehow.


    Marlo didn’ t kill Butchie because he was in the game or because he had anything to do with the heist. He killed Butchie to get Omar to come back and fight.

    Remember in the scene with Prop Joe and Cheese, where Marlo and Snoop are telling them about the bounty, Snoop says they’re looking for details on ANYONE , including Omar’s grandma or lovers.

    So, if Cheese or anyone else had dropped the dime on Grandma first instead of Butchie, they’d have tortured her instead of Butchie. It didn’t matter who it was, just someone close enough to put the hook in Omar.

    And that’s what’s wrong with killing Butchie. He got killed for a sick reason.

  10. And that’s what’s wrong with killing Butchie. He got killed for a sick reason.

    Meaning, like, you don’t blitz Drew Brees at Sunday Brunch at Commander’s just because you haven’t had your milk punch yet. Outside the game.

    I can see that.

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