Of interest only to me

Last night, while peacefully lining up to march in my Mardi Gras parade for Krewe du Vieux, somebody came up behind me and started whistling “The farmer in the dell“. I turned around, scared out of my skin, and lo and behold it was fellow New Package writer Ray.

That ain’t right.



  1. All in the game.

    Every time I put my hood up now, I get that song in my head.

  2. So, if Ray is Omar, are you Marlo, or Brother Mouzone?

    I thought of you guys last night, hence the tarting up of my userid.

  3. I may fancy myself as Mouzone, but instead of saying “I’m at peace with my God”, I was more like that dumbass honky trying to sell redcaps to Omar who ’bout messed his trousers.

  4. Ashley’s Prop Joe, man. No doubt.

  5. Ashley’s Prop Joe, man. No doubt.

    Having met you both,,, I will relish not sharing the joke with virgeaux for a while. She bright though. I best be careful

  6. So is anyone going to post something about the episode or all we all just gonna sit around?

    Sheesh, what am I paying you people for anyhow?

  7. I’m trying, man, but to be honest, I didn’t care for this episode at all. It seemed to be all setup of dominoes which will be knocked down in future episodes. My favorite part was watching Omar unpack his groceries waiting for him to pull out some Honey Nut, and then he says “we got to find out where they got Honey Nut, they expect us to call this spit of land home.”

    The whole serial killer thing that McNulty has dreamed up is stretching credulity, and that Freamon is buying it too is a lot to swallow. It strikes me as artificial, an awkward out-of-character way for the police to behave in order to push a certain plot angle on the newspaper side.

  8. You know what else bothers me about that storyline, Ray? It devalues the “victims” just as much as the brass devalues the people Marlo killed. They were just bodies nobody else had a use for, after all, so why can’t they serve McNulty’s ends?

    I can’t say I don’t see where he’s coming from (though I’d have picked Bunk to buy into it and Freamon or Kima to be the conscience of things) but that he can’t see that by valuing his victims over the homeless who died of neglect and poverty and abuse (and were thus victims of homicide, just not the kind we care about, and so on around again) he’s doing the same thing the brass do: Making judgments about who matters and who doesn’t.


  9. I was just mentioning to racy how many short little scenes were in this episode- You mentioned dominoes, my image was that it was more like one of those machines that just spits tennis balls out. Bam, Bam, bam, bam.

    I just dunno about the mcnulty stuff- it feels wrong but I gotta rewatch yet.

    UPDATED, per A’s comment.

    See, the Bunk part seems perfect to me. Bunk’s code is part of the bedrock of the show.
    Omar’s too, though I can see him going off the track before Bunk.
    It doesn’t surprise me about Lester- he’s got too fucking much resentment for the system, those 11 years 12 days and 15 minutes or whatever it was he was stuck in his previous crap assignment as punishment. Plus, he knows he’s smart enough to pull it off right under their noses, just like they were getting the lieutenant to sign off on all those reports and authorizations before. And face it, without Lester, Jimmy couldn’t pull this off- he’s too far off the deepend already and is completely losing his judgement. Plotwise for it to work, someone sober with more brains than balls has to be helping out.

  10. I’m heading in for a rewatch too…

  11. Like I foreshadowed last week, “dale clavo”, the gas pedal is getting mashed.

    Now, one thing I have to say is that whenever Gary D’Addario is on the screen, you know something memorable is going to happen. One of the original guys in HOMICIDE, he showed up in cameos on H:LOTS, and usually stole the scene. I love how he bitch-slapped that banker.

    Keep your thumb on the remote.

  12. Having met you both,,, I will relish not sharing the joke with virgeaux for a while.

    So Ashley really IS a woman?

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