That train thing again

When Chris and Snoop take their first shots in Butchie’s bar, “Mystery Train” (and not the Elvis version, I don’t think) is playing on the jukebox.


Of interest only to me

Last night, while peacefully lining up to march in my Mardi Gras parade for Krewe du Vieux, somebody came up behind me and started whistling “The farmer in the dell“. I turned around, scared out of my skin, and lo and behold it was fellow New Package writer Ray.

That ain’t right.

The weekly “The Wire paralleling reality” post

For the second time in 15 months, the editor of the Los Angeles Times has been fired for refusing to impose budget cuts ordered by his publisher.”

Them folks in Chicago been droppin’ that hammer.

Some pig

Templeton was the name of the rat in Charlotte’s Web. Greedy, sneaky immoral, loathsome. Yet by the end of the book he performs several critical actions for the Good…maybe still motivated by greed, but doing the right thing for the wrong reasons. Sort of an anti-hero. He also, ironically, goes to the dump searching for bits of old newsprint that might be useful for Charlotte.

Is our Templeton going to contribute similarly? He gets an awful lot of screentime, more than you’d expect somebody to get just to make the trivially obvious point that “newsrooms contain ladder-climbers who will cheat to get ahead”. What is Templeton’s real role here? He’s a wild card. Like Dukie, I think the simplicity of his character early in the season is a feint to throw us off the trail of what is really going to transpire.