Weekend Lake Trout Special: Open Thread


Throwing open a thread so we all — readers, commenters, and posters alike— can just chew on anything we feel like.


Preferably Wire-related but if you feel the need to order something that’s not on the menu, knock yourself out.


Spoilers are allowed, but follow the rules. Is there anything we haven’t talked about so far that we need to?


Any burning desires, pet moments, favorite quotes, etc?

Lurkers, how about dropping those cloaking shields just for a bit?





  1. Speaking of innocent bystanders….

    Will we ever find out if Wee Bey’s fish survived after Namond left?

    I can’t see D’Londa steppin up.

  2. On of my favorite moments was Lester’s one-man, after-hours stakeout in Episode 2

    “Is he on a stakeout for Marlo?”

    “Hmm… shades of Season 2 and 3 McNulty, not being able to let the case go. This is bad news. Not Lester!”

    “Aww… Miniatures Magazine!”


    “No way he gets Dozermaned… This is Lester Freamon. Natural Po-leece. Best cop in Baltimore. He wouldn’t put himself in a situation where he’s in danger.”

    “No… he knows what he’s doing.”

    “Wait but even the best cops can get got like that…”

    Then he sees Marlo’s meetup, then he catches McNulty at the coroners, then he fucks with Fitz, and I breathe easy once again.

  3. I was taken aback with Lesters slightly militant comment at the end of episode 2 that went something like “you don’t think they’d call out the 82nd Airborne if it was white people” in the vacants…

    Lester is chewing at me while I ponder what might happen in episode 3. Sitting in the car listening to old school soul. Lester, Lester…

  4. I was taken aback with Lesters slightly militant comment at the end of episode 2 that went something like “you don’t think they’d call out the 82nd Airborne if it was white people” in the vacants

    taken aback why?

    ‘splain, pls.

    I am still wondering whether he’s connected Marlo to Clay Davis. Marlowould have a rather large pile of cash that needs laundering now… wouldn’t he? And Levy (atty) works for the Barksdales, not Marlo….

  5. I just want to say that I love this pic of McNulty on the header. All of the major actors have such wonderful physical presence and they are beautifully captured by the DPs and directors, as is Baltimore itself.

    I’m really relishing that so far this season, probably because I’m already missing them…

  6. Lester’s comment echoes a lot of post-Katrina talk. That if those had been white people on our TVs at the Convention Center, Bush would have sent the whole damn army down here on the first day.

  7. I get Lester’s comment. I just didn’t get why RM was taken aback by it. I didn’t find it out of character for Lester

  8. I just realized the music info for each episode is listed on the HBO episode guide, if just for season 4 and 5… the songs are a good listen. Lester has pretty much a monopoly on older soul / r&b music on the show. I am overanalyzing the musical choices maybe. Lester was in the car a long time, he needed something to listen to, right?

    But… Sarah Vaughan, Etta James and Erma Franklin in one episode for Lester?

    Too interesting.

  9. Racy, re Lester’s tuneage, check these two nice posts:

    The S/Hitlist // Baltimore Citypaper.com

    thus spake drake: Slippery slope

    Overanalyzing? You’re in the wrong place to worry about that

  10. our search terms so far today:

    got that new package 2
    doctor-fuckers 1
    steve earle 1
    marimow carroll 1

  11. Season 1 foreshadowing. Last episode. When D’Angelo is discussing his plea deal and giving up Bay for the Deanna killing, he says he just wants to go away somewhere where he can breathe.

    That’s so sad.

  12. Re: Lesters comment…It seems a degree up from “we’d get more money” or feds for the 22 dead people if they were white vs calling out the 82nd Airborne… I like what Ray said; Lester’s words tickled a nerve from somewhere outside Lester . And so far, I have associated strong racial language with other characters moreso than Lester.

    I have an interesting picture of Lester from the episode he found the first dead body in the vacants (#48). I like that episode a lot. I have pondered a post on the image alone… #48 is an episode that ends with train sounds, with Bunk and Lester having the last scene. The train sounds and images have belonged exclusively to Marlo and co. since then, at least by my reckoning…

  13. I was looking for something else and rewatching bits and pieces earlier, including the Lester in his car scenes. Others here proabably already “got” this but I had missed completely the connections between these pieces:

    The Sun editorial meeting about Whiting’s Pulitzer quest where they are discussing the “Dickensian” lives of children, which is immediately followed by:

    The angry young mother dragging her kid off the sidewalk and up the stoop, calling him a fool and leaving him to stand all by himself in the foyer staring out into the darkness, as she goes back out into the street, while outside “Take Another Little Piece of My Heart” can be heard on Lester’s radio.

    That scene with the mother and the kid touches on all the parts they are discussing during the editors’ back and forth argument about the various obstacles facing the cities children and including even Whiting’s point that you don’t need context to make an impact.

    And of course, it’s all the more ironic that, while scenes like this are happening all over the place, Templeton has to go and fabricate one.

  14. I had to go back and check on my trains observations and I did catch a couple of brief train horns in two ther places on the episodes I still have available from season 4.

    There is a brief train horn when Bubbles comes back from the days business in episode 49…Sherrad is asleep on the floor. The next morning Bubbles wakes up to find Sherrad dead from smoking the cyanide.

    In episode 50, near the end when Michael kills a guy on the corner and Chris says to him “You can look ’em in the eye now”, there is a train horn right before Michael pulls his pistol and shoots.

    It makes me feel a little silly that I brought up the Godfather comparison, and I asked generally if there was a sign on The Wire that was like oranges on The Godfather, foretelling death. I had just talked about trains on my first post. But on this show, it’s trains…the trains are the oranges.

    Right under my nose, bitch! damn…

  15. But on this show, it’s trains…the trains are the oranges.

    Then McNulty is a dead man. In season 1, remember when he and Bunk are out drinking by the tracks and he stands on the tracks to take a whiz, only stumbling off just before the honking train flies by?

  16. I think everyone agrees they mean something, perhaps fate.

    Bite the bullet. You need a larger sample before reaching a conclusion:

    The Wire – Seasons 1-4

    Not for nothing that the Symbolism in the Wire thread at TWOP is called That Train Don’t Run

    So just what do those trains really mean and why can’t everyone figure it out?

  17. A mere $225 for the 4 seasons. I dunno babe, sounds like there would have to be a Wire party at casa de Virgeaux if I am buying a package that big

  18. Comment edited to insert spoiler flag:


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    Just throwing this out there, because I can’t get anyone as addicted to The Wire as I am, that I think Dukie and Michael are setting up to be the future Avon/Stringer kingpins. It’s early sure, but it would show that nothing ever changes, just new people step up to wear the crown. Besides, Michael was *pissed* at being questioned for going to Six Flags. Just a thought.

  19. I think Dukie and Michael are setting up to be the future Avon/Stringer kingpins

    Now that I’ve actually seen the Six Flags episde, twice, I don’t see this at all. That whole bit seemed to emphasize the opposite…that they are still trying to cling to their old lives, trying to hang on to a little childhood, keep one foot out of the game. Michael was pissed, sure. He was also very firmly put in his place for fucking up, and not even by somebody important, just by some junior lieutenant in Marlo’s organization. D’Angelo and Bodie both showed much more outright rebellion, right to the face of Avon or Stringer or Marlo, and they both ended up in the body count.

    Michael is nowhere near close enough to hold his own sitting around the co-op table and I don’t see him growing in that direction. He’s not getting harder; if anything, he’s growing more of a heart, the way D’ Angelo did at the end of Season 1.

  20. I think it’s too early to know what’s gonna happen with either of them, however, it seems a little too pat for it to happen that way. Just a feeling.

    Though, you are right, News, that the game is going to keep roling right along, one way or another. Someone will always rise to the top.

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