Down in the hole with Steve Earle

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Steve Earle discusses Way Down in the Hole, the show, and his role as Waylon.

“Playing Waylon is like going to a 12 step meeting and getting paid for it.”

What was his favorite Wire moment?

It’s not all work for Earle, however. The singer-songwriter is an avid fan of the show and is quick to respond when asked of his favorite moment. “In the fourth season when Bodie realizes that the game is rigged and tries to get out … and he does,” Earle says. “It was heartbreaking, but it was real.”



  1. I remember Steve Earle in the strangle hold of drug abuse. He spent some time at our house during some of his “low points”

    He was a big help to us during the flood.

    He has come a long way back.

  2. memory lane, really? you had Steve Earle at your house???? i am a fan from way back, new with my blog, LifeandSteveEarle…..he’s been a great inspiration to me in my own struggle to stay clean, i have 15 months, he has about 14 years now, i think…incredible singer, incredible man…God bless you and your family, too. hope you have gotten farther ahead with it all….take care….

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