Another county heard from.

As the number of words written about David Simon and “The Wire” approaches a zillion bajillion, here are a few thousand more, this time from Columbia Journalism Review. It rehashes a lot of what we already know about the Simon/Marimow/Carroll drama, but adds an interesting angle, probably of interest only to journalists — how do you cover a city and its problems? How much context do you need to bring to the table, or to Page One? Look for this to be examined in episode two, with the assignment of the big education project.

Not that I have seen episode two. My Comcast On Demand service has been funky all week, and as of Friday evening, it’s not available. Nuts.



  1. I think it’s interesting that The Atlantic article on Simon’s “revenge” is proving Simon’s point that newspapers can present a point of view as unbiased fact and objective news. “The Wire”‘s season 5 newspaper storyline gains credibility as a result. The CJR and the Chicago Tribune article on the same subject are much more balanced.

  2. the Simon/Marimow/Carroll drama,

    there’s a book just in that, I think.

  3. Here’s Simon writing directly on the subject in an essay that went online yesterday in Esquire Magazine:

    The divergence between Simon’s account and the Atlantic piece is notable.

  4. Comcast Detroit has not yet made episode 2 available.

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