The FBI, riding across the desert on a fine Arab Charger

I always love it when the feds come in like the Lone Ranger on their silver steeds, ready to save these stoopid city Police/Attorneys from making fools of themselves. 

Only problem is, it ain’t true.

Read this gem, how the FBI lost a bunch of Wires that were up by simply not paying the bills on time. Think about how many criminals that could have collared. Think about how many taxpayers lives that might have saved.

Think about how stoopid the FBI looks right now, what with their women’s clothes wearin’, J. Edgar Hoover gooney goo goo clueless selves. I wouldda turned down their help, just like Carcetti did.


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  1. Oddly enough, someone in my office sent that around in an email at pretty much the same time you posted.

    Proving that no one anywhere was actually working today.

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