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The S5 title sequence features a montage of newspaper stories. Some of them might be true. Click on the thumbnails below for larger image.


Guess Carcetti isn’t as worried about his reputation anymore. Buh-bye, Erv?


Is a serial killer really stalking the city’s homeless?


We already know what this one says


Sexual motive? Oooh, that’s gonna sell some papers. Plus, another fire?


Only three? On the west side? You call that news, Alma?


This one’s hard to see but looks like Burrell’s walking papers are due


Indicted? Sheeeeee it! Plus, yet another fire…redevelopment by arson?


Murder suspect may be in contact with reporter. You say serial killer, we say confidential source…



  1. Great stuff vt! It would be funny if those headlines don’t have anything to do with what will happen later (decoys! ha!)…. although they are likely real clips from later in the season.

    Yesterday I moved my computer with a TV tuner card into the main room with the cable box. I have some snaps from episode 1 for a post later today… it definitely adds an element to have snapshot capability.

  2. I just burned to a dvd-obviously not as high tech as you, though I’d wager I’m twice as obsessive, so maybe it evens out. This kind of stuff always reminds me of my sister’s first (of three) husbands-he was a JFK assassination buff. I remember him showing me the Zapruder film one frame at a time when I was …. nine or 10? Good times!

  3. it appears children will loom large again. behind the closed door and closets. the future marlos and bubbles i suppose. speaking of the bub, he ‘s seeking redemption it seems, and may choose to become something other than a damaged lamp post. or at least get out of his sister’s basement.

  4. I thought Royo -and the writers- did a great job of showing the cognitive blankness of an IVDU in early recovery. (And even if he’s been clean for a year or more, that’s still early recovery). He’s still spending lot of time “in storage”

    btw- glad you showed up here. What think you of our little project?

  5. love this project. I have on demand so i’ve seen the upcoming episode so i’m holding back on some comments.

  6. “Is a serial killer really stalking the city’s homeless?” — watch S5 E2, last scene. Dayum.

    When I worked at Digital, our company was “Do the right thing”. One time when my immediate supervisor was pulling kinda what McNutty did in the last scene of ep2, I called him on it, similar to Bunk. His response was “Sometimes, you have to do the wrong thing in order to do the right thing”.

  7. One of the things I was spoiled for. Our Jimmy’s moved up a bit from sending anonymous faxes “in order to do the right thing,” aint he?

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