Every plan a weak link…

My other favorite comedy moment.

This bar scene, the last minute where the broke cops plan to rob a liquor store to pay their bar tab. I left the first 45 seconds in to give a complete scene, and we get listen to Mcnulty call everyone liars.

“Who’s gonna be our wheelman?”

Every plan a weak link.



  1. “Thin plexi, I’ll take out the counter man.” G&L obviously doesn’t have Bank of England glass

  2. The store across the street from my office in Chicago just put in some plexiglas. Immediately, I looked at it, and told the counter guy that this wouldn’t stop nothing. He looked at me like I’d totally lost it.

  3. one of my favorite comic lines: De’Londa screaming at Namond, ” i kept you in Nikes since you were in diapers!”

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