Every plan a weak link…

My other favorite comedy moment.

This bar scene, the last minute where the broke cops plan to rob a liquor store to pay their bar tab. I left the first 45 seconds in to give a complete scene, and we get listen to Mcnulty call everyone liars.

“Who’s gonna be our wheelman?”

Every plan a weak link.


Episode 1 straggling thoughts…

If Al Franken were to name the first episode, perhaps he would call it Lies, And the Lying Liars Who Use Lying Lie Detectors … I’ve watched that first scene quite a few times now, and it continues to make me giggle. What a perfect setup to talk about media and the free press in America. We grew up believing the media was supposed to be society’s lie detector, ready to speak truth to power. Now the lie detector we used to trust is just a rigged copier machine, spitting out what was fed into it by a liar who thinks he is doing us a favor. Awesome. And fucking funny.



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The FBI, riding across the desert on a fine Arab Charger

I always love it when the feds come in like the Lone Ranger on their silver steeds, ready to save these stoopid city Police/Attorneys from making fools of themselves. 

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Read all about it

The S5 title sequence features a montage of newspaper stories. Some of them might be true. Click on the thumbnails below for larger image.


Guess Carcetti isn’t as worried about his reputation anymore. Buh-bye, Erv?


Is a serial killer really stalking the city’s homeless?

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