Divorcing the character from the actor

The impact of these characters is amazing.  In a couple of interviews, Wire cast members said that Snoop is probably most like her character, and that Chris was least.  Now, the fact that these two are partners is part of the magic. 

It took me a season or two to be able to look at Cedric Daniels and not be pissed at him for screwing up DeRodd and D’Andre’s home life.  

Now come on, look at yourselves.  Tell me if I’m right.  If you see Rawls, and you just want to bitch slap him.  You see Chris, and you get scared.  You see D’Agostino, and you want to rip her clothes off (ok, maybe that one’s just me).   So it’s always fun to see pictures of the actors out of character.  Check out these shots of the actors at the premiereand you realize that the Actors are not the characters.  Andre Royo has a nice complexion.  John Doman looks like a genuinely nice guy.  Amy Ryan looks even hotter than Beadie.

For even more bizarre out of character stuff, look at things like Idris Elba playing a male hooker with xylocaine on his tongue (with the English accent).


Also, you can watch HBO’s new online extra, The Chronicles.


The Chronicles are a nice little freebie from HBO, where we’re treated to seeing little Prop Joe in 1965, Omar pulling a gun on his gangster friend in 1985 for stealing from a taxpayer, and this beauty, The Last Word, where you get to see Carcetti with his full blown Irish accent and McNutty with his full blown English accent.  You get to see Snoop and Chris laughing and smiling.  And, you get to hear about how newspapers are dying a slow, tragic, painful death.



  1. I find Chris totally fascinating, because to me, he doesn’t “look” menacing, in fact quite the opposite. The actor, and the character, I’d say, have a very soft, quiet affect, not unlike Forrest Whittaker in Ghost Dog.

    Now, because of what we KNOW he’s capable of, that becomes unnerving.
    It’s kind of a stupid cliche, I guess, but the character really does bring to mind a big cat, all stealthy and soft and graceful — and completely deadly.

    The few video interviews I’ve seen of Akinnagbe, he comes across like a nice, big-hearted guy.

    Amy Ryan is such an astounding actress – she is having quite the year of critical acclaim for Gone Baby Gone and is on many critic’s short lists for the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role as a working-class Boston drug-addicted mother of a missing child.
    I know, awards, feh, but it would be good because I’d like to see her get bigger roles because she’s so exceptional. She’s not a big flashy diva star actress, just one of those who seem like they are born to act and who can disappear into a role like magic- like Helen Mirren. I love to watch actors like that work.

    And The Wire is full of them. There are hardly any real “wooden” actors. Even the real life cops and others they use are believable.

    I was really struck last year by what good actors those four boys were. If you see video of them, or listen to them on the dvd commentary- they’re just goofy wiseass teenage boys but they, each and every one of them, acted the hell out of those roles. Robert Chew (Prop Joe) was their special coach and on one of the dvds or pre-season special, Simon or someone else (it all runs together in my mind) talks about how those kids were 100% on task every single day. At first, they were worried that they were taking a risk putting so much of the plot on such young actors but he said they turned out to be as well, if not better, prepared than the adults they were working with.

    UPDATED: Wow, Sonja Sohn is gorgeous in those premiere photos.

  2. I had the hardest time watching Idris Elba in “Sometimes In April,” because I kept saying to myself, “Stringer!” He gave a hell of a performance but my Stringer love kept pulling me out of it.

    And D’Agostino has always reminded me powerfully of Mandy Hampton from the West Wing, disqualifying her as a lust object. Sonja Sohn, on the other hand, is nothing but loveliness.


  3. In those premiere photos, Sonja is quite the knockout. But she doesn’t look too awful different from Kima’s regular look. Unlike, say, the transformation of seeing Andre Royo all clean cut and shit.

    What gets me is how I see Clarke Peters, and I think “Freamon”. I don’t think “Fat Curt”. However, it’s taken me 4 years to see Lance Reddick as Daniels instead of Fran Boyd’s junkie boyfriend.

  4. Okay, this is my second “hey, I’m a dyke, not blind” moment in a week but whenever Stringer came on screen, I always found myself thinking, “mmm, I bet he smells really good…”

  5. As long as the group is going there, I’m lusting after Council President Nerese Campbell (Marlyne Afflack). Her character’s strong corrupt personality along with the luscious curves of her hips and bosom and those impossibly far-apart eyes on that beautiful face get my motor running.

  6. You and Carcetti both, Jim.

  7. Jim Ashworth, from farmville VA plays the Ukrainian Sergei. he went to the faux christian liberty Univ. and of course claims to be an oh so devout christian.. and very single.

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