Bunk’s old case files

From the 1981 Ben Franklin High School yearbook. I had editions back to 1979 but I’m not just gonna haul him out of the garage and bend him over the radio car like that.

It’s all in the game, yo. I’ve done myself, I’ve done Delfeayo Marsalis, it was just Wendell’s turn is all. (And yeah, that’s Times-Picayune columnist Lolis Eric Elie on the right in the last shot.)


Fuck me.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.


Fucking A!



  1. So what happened to Susie Diem?

    and 3rd Grade Ray was adorable. I just got some new glasses that are remarkably similiar in scale to yours…

  2. Looks like Susie Diem is now Professor Susan Diem, MD, MPH. I’d say that’s successful.


    Franklin kids are smarkle. My daughter’s going there next year.

  3. Someone just linked to this post over at TWOP and your traffic went through the roof, Francis!

  4. What did I say about calling me Francis?

    Also, if anybody touches my stuff, I’ll kill them.

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