Bunk’s old case files

From the 1981 Ben Franklin High School yearbook. I had editions back to 1979 but I’m not just gonna haul him out of the garage and bend him over the radio car like that.

It’s all in the game, yo. I’ve done myself, I’ve done Delfeayo Marsalis, it was just Wendell’s turn is all. (And yeah, that’s Times-Picayune columnist Lolis Eric Elie on the right in the last shot.)

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“There’s a ‘B’ in subtle?”


Let’s begin by noting that “believe” is one of the oldest words in the English language.

The Middle English word was belevan, from the Old English belefan: be (about) and lyfan or lefan, which — quite significantly— was derived from the Old English leof , “dear or pleasing” and and lufu, “love.”

To believe is to make a choice. Like Beadie turning the porch light back on.

To believe is not the same thing as to know.

Not at all.

Welcome to Season Five.

According to the paper, it’s spring in Baltimore and while it may be a new year, no one fucking believes it’s a new day anymore.

Indeed, despite time’s passage, some things seem just like old times. The drug trade is thriving, Marlo’s more reptilian than ever. The Major Crimes Unit is back on the rooftops and skulking around in vans. Pearlman and Daniels are still together, so are Burrell and Rawls. In her jeans and cap, Kima’s back to looking like a dyke. And that guy McNulty was talking about in the S4 finale? The one that almost killed him? Jimmy Bust Balls? He’s back too. You’ll find him in the bar.*

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