WTF is this?

I am really trying to finish a real post but Monday is conspiring against me. Hopefully I’ll foist it up tonight but till then…

Surely I’m not the only one that noticed this snippet of someone— one assumes a male someone since they are wearing a suit and tie, unless Det. Kay Howard is making a guest appearance along with Munch— tieing a red ribbon around their wrist in the new title credits? Thoughts?

Note it is a red ribbon, not a red string, so I think we can leave Kabbalah and Buddhism out of the explanations.


I don’t give a f––– if we ever win one of their little trinkets

I used to live in Hollywood.  I worked for a major studio.  I worked for one of the largest film distribution companies. 

Guess what?  Lily white.  Token Asian, Arab, whatever.  The people upstairs were never Black or Hispanic.

So today, when I read  that David Simon actually wants the Hollywood community to stiff the show at this point, it made sense.  Also, I found out that it’s Obama’s favorite show.  There’s some street cred, I guess.But see, the reason we watch the show is because it is so real.  It disgusts me when people say how stereotypical the show is when they’ve seen an episode or two.  No,  the show is real.  Read The Corner. Simon and Burns spent a year on Fayette street.  Don’t tell me that they don’t understand what’s real and what isn’t.

The reality of the writing is what intimidates Hollywood so. They know that they can’t pull it off. They can’t pull off a majority Black cast without pandering. They can’t pull off shooting on location. The Wire pisses off Hollywood to no end, and that, my friends, is a very, very good thing.

But hey, after all, The Wire isn’t just a show — it’s “The Bicycle Thief