The Bunk and McNutty: The way they were.

Looking ahead to Season 5, with what we know about McNulty’s fall from grace, one has to wonder if this relationship is going to make it, because as we know, “A man must have a code.” Bunk does, but what about Jimmy?

We first hear that phrase, spoken by Bunk to Omar, in Season 1, episode 7, One Arrest, which also features this classic interchange:



  1. I love them. I really do. And you know, I think this is why there are so many cop shows and doctor shows, and war movies … you have work relationships that are so much more complicated and fucked up and needy and just plain weird than a couple of cube monkeys kicking back at the Applebee’s would have.


  2. Hey, it’s almost a cliche by now, but it’s true: We often spend more waking hours with our co-workers than with family.

    When I was a staff ER nurse, oh man, the drama, There were the married-but-cheating doctors,the doctor fuckers, the anybody fuckers, the drinkers, the I-hit-on-twentysomethings person (okay, that was me). Every once in a while we would all get together and party. So many layers of weirdness. It’s sad because the entertainment industry would say “the ER thing has been done (by NBC).” Jeez, they barely scratched the surface. Id like to see Simon do a hospital/healthcare thing.

    I’m a boss lady now, I can’t hit on anybody anymore. I’m way more satisfied, but it is so strangely boring sometimes.

  3. the I-hit-on-twentysomethings person (okay, that was me)


  4. […] because she was gentle (she wanted that shit to be special) and because as memes go, it’s a good one and it’s appropriate for where my […]

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