Simon’s next project

Damn.  The Wire’s fifth season debuts tonight, but I’m already looking forward to what will hopefully be David Simon’s next project.  He’s writing a pilot for a series to be based in New Orleans.

Hell yeah.

If anybody can successfully make people get New Orleans, it’s David Simon. 

And here you can listen to Simon talk about seeing the Wild Magnolias at Funky Butt.  He gets it, y’all.



  1. Thanks for posting this. I’d read a few bits before but that’s the most I’ve seen on this project. Jesus, I hope it all works out and the show gets made.

  2. Simon sez:
    “HBO has made no other commitment to me other than being interested in reading it. I don’t want to get everybody all wound up (in New Orleans).

    uh, too late, I guess.

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