How It Works

I’ve been working my way through Season 1 on DVD the past couple of days (thanks for the loaner Ashley) and I’ve been realizing something: when The Wire first debuted, I was still a raging alcoholic. Some of this stuff I feel like I’m seeing for the first time. Some random things that might be old news to you normies:

Knowing now about Simon’s history with the Baltimore Sun, and seeing the episode where we learn about Lester Freeman’s history, light bulbs went off in my head. Freeman was ordered to leave out a witness in a homicide in order to protect a relative of a newspaper editor who was accustomed to pulling in favors with the Deputy Ops at the time. Freeman included the witness anyway, because he’s real police, and got booted out of Homicide because of it. It all leaves hints about Simon’s past career and foreshadows Season 5…how personal corruption at the top of a newspaper can help eat away at the integrity of other governmental institutions, while shitting on the individuals who still wanna fight the good fight. Only difference is, Freeman went off to the Property division to paint collectible doll furniture, and Simon built a new career up to where he is now in a position to say “Fuck you” to the Sun and have millions of people pay to watch him do it.

A well-funded “Fuck you” is powerful stuff. And spite is a glorious thing when wielded like ninja.

Season 1, Episode 1, Scene 1: Snot Boogie’s m.o. is to watch the game until the pot gets big, then just grab the pot and run, almost like a small-time stick up man. Snot Boogie’s real name? Omar.

When Bubbles brings Johnny to the NA meeting and Johnny goes to get his court papers signed, the guy tells him to sit down and if he stays to the end of the meeting, he’ll get his signed paper back. “That’s how it works”, the guy says. Ironically, while he’s saying this you can hear the meeting moderator in the background reading the standard opening statement in any 12 Step meeting, entitled “How It Works”. First time I saw that episode I was at the end of my second bottle of wine of the night and had never been to an AA meeting; now, though, that shit is funny.

Note to McNulty: If you’re gonna put together cheap IKEA shit late at night while fucked up, I highly recommend crystal meth instead of boiler makers.

Am I the only one who noticed that in the bar where Virgotext’s last video post took place (you can’t see it in that clip but go back and watch the episode), there are Mardi Gras decorations hanging from the lights above the bar? Whassup with that? Was Wendell homesick during filming?

Turns out that Omar and Bunk went to the same high school. Turns out that Wendell Pierce and I went to the same high school as well. Not that I’m comparing myself to Omar or anything, but in a few days during the midweek doldrums I’ve got a few surprises for Wendell. It’s all in the game, man.


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  1. I’ve got a few surprises for Wendell. It’s all in the game, man.

    Bring it, Francis.

    I thought of you when I put up the header image.

    I been in a meeting or two myself.

    fucking great post

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