“The Wire is dissent”

Must read:

Simon’s comment on Yglesias’ post in response to the Atlantic article referenced below.

I would argue that people comfortable with the economic and political trends in the United States right now — and thinking that the nation and its institutions are equipped to respond meaningfully to the problems depicted with some care and accuracy on The Wire (we reported each season fresh, we did not write solely from memory) — well, perhaps they’re playing with the tuning knobs when the back of the appliance is in flames.



  1. And I’ll venture forth a bit further on your website, and thank you for the effort to seriously chronicle and discuss the show. The cause of gods and demons was the first essay on season four that caught the subtext of probability in season four.

    Virgotex is on it.

    Baltimore, Md.

  2. DS, thank you for giving us all such a rich text to chew on.

    Thanks for stopping by — and please, don’t be a stranger.

  3. […] and not to brag or anything but do check out the very special guest we had show up over at the NewPackage Wire blog last […]

  4. Kudos for your David Simon attaboy, virgotex. He normally engages only to correct somebody’s misconception.

  5. We were all thrilled that he stopped by, believe me!

    BTW, your site and the Yahoo group are really superb, Jim. This must be a full time job for you right now!

  6. Thanks for noticing the effort. I hope things quiet down soon. I have people who steal my links and go post them on their favorite forums and some in the group who completely ignore my guidelines, but I don’t care. The “Play Or Get Played” web site and the group are my love letters to the show, and they have paid off in wonderful experiences meeting and interviewing the cast and creators and visiting the set that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

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