“The Wire is dissent”

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Simon’s comment on Yglesias’ post in response to the Atlantic article referenced below.

I would argue that people comfortable with the economic and political trends in the United States right now — and thinking that the nation and its institutions are equipped to respond meaningfully to the problems depicted with some care and accuracy on The Wire (we reported each season fresh, we did not write solely from memory) — well, perhaps they’re playing with the tuning knobs when the back of the appliance is in flames.


Reading between the lines.

I thought I was obsessed, but someone is always more obsessed. More Wire-love from New York magazine, looking at the fine print.

“There’s a Wire in every fuckin’ city.”

via Jim’s site,

excerpts from New York Magazine’s interview with Michael K. Williams (Omar)

Do you think The Wire’s helped to shed light on the darker side of Baltimore?
What I really hope the show’s done is struck a chord with all the hoods in all the cities of this country. Because, really, what The Wire is, is an American story, an American social problem. There’s a Wire in every fuckin’ city.

Can we expect any big surprises to come our way?
Oh yeah, a lot of big surprises. My hint towards that question is to keep your eyes on the children. Watch those kids. They’re gonna really take it to another level this year. But all I can really say is, brace yourself.

Note also Jim’s collection of links to other new articles on the start of the season, in particular, The Atlantic’s Angriest Man in Television piece on Simon.

Where it all started

The Sleuth Channel is currently re-airing the groundbreaking series Homicide: Life on the Street, based on David Simon’s book, Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets. Simon served as producer and writer for the critically-acclaimed series which, like The Wire, is set in Baltimore and filmed on location. Focusing on the Baltimore police department homicide unit, HLOTS features outstanding writing and a stellar ensemble cast, including Clark Johnson, who we’ll see playing the Sun’s city editor in The Wire this season. Good stuff, folks. Set the DVR, you won’t regret it.