The one that got away

While we’re still doing introductions, I’d be remiss not giving a shout out to Jim King, the force behind the deeply excellent The Wire on HBO: Play Or Get Played In David Simon’s Baltimore. Jim turned down our invite, referring to himself as “more of an aggregator than a writer,” but we (hopefully) expect to see him in comments and he’s graciously blogrolled us. I’d also challenge his “humble”— the man ain’t no ordinary link farmer, as evidenced by the exclusive interviews he’s snagged with David Simon and other Wire creators and cast, not to mention his site’s overall breadth and depth. Note also that Jim ran a Homicide site which remains a great reference collection.

Gracias for your support and traffic, Jim.



  1. Thanks. My family was impressed with the compliment.

  2. heh, I hope they enjoyed the “main” (man) typo I didn’t notice till just right this second too….

  3. Jim’s way too modest.

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